Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pork Up! New Ikuo score (Muchi Muchi Pork! Harahara mode Ver 1.01)

I only had time for one credit today, so I decided to try out Harahara mode in Ver 1.01 with Ikuo. It was my first credit with Ikuo in the mode, and I got a clear with a score of 202,181,060, which was good enough for the #1 spot on the Xbox live rankings with Ikuo.

I had two chain breaks and did nearly zero boss milking because it's so risky, but I think I can start to try and implement more of it in future runs. Particularly the stage 1 and 4 bosses. With that in mind, I'm setting my next goal at 210+mil, which would give me the top spot on the Xbox live rankings among all character types. If I play this a good amount and discover some safe patterns for boss milking, I'll probably go back to regular Ver 1.01 and do some more 2-Loop runs and try and improve my Ikuo score to 430+mil.

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