Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pink Sweets Arrange

Today I practiced DDPDFK BL's Stage 5 with B-Strong. I've gotten the first half down, but the second half is giving me a lot of trouble. The Boss is quite easy to beat without dying, though.
Anyway, I also played a credit of Pink Sweets arrange today and I'm underwhelmed with it. I don't like the following:

1)No points for absorbing bullets. Even 1 point per bullet would have been nice. Feels very un-Yagawa-like as-is.
2)No points for hitting enemies/bosses with your shot. This is a big problem for me, it just feels off. Again, very un-Yagawa-like.
3)I don't like the shield being active in front of you as you shoot. You can just plow through everything without much worries, until you meet the bullet types you can destroy with your shot.
4)Too easy, due to 3).
5)No variety of items to pick up other than roses on the ground and small roses from cancelled bullets.

I do like the following:

1)Score-based extends. (I love these.)
2)Decent scoring system based on timed chains and a maximum x64 multiplier.
3)No real rank management needed (like MMP).
4)Hadou guns!

So it's a mixed bag for me. The little problems really bug me, and sap the enjoyment out of the game as I'm playing. Yagawa didn't program this Arrange, and it shows.

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