Monday, April 22, 2013

Pork Up! New Rafute score (Muchi Muchi Pork! Ver 1.00)

I increased my PB (Personal Best) with Rafute tonight, getting a score of 162,810,810. This is playing on Ver 1.00 in the Xbox 360 port, which is equivalent to the original arcade version. I made a number of errors and failed to score on all three phases of the last boss, costing me around 10 million, so my current goal is 175~180 million. I'm still working on Ikuo too, my current goal with her is 200 million and currently my PB is a little over 186 million. It's difficult to decide which goal to focus on first, and I still have all of my Ver 1.01 and Matsuri Ver scores to improve too. It seems like I could play this game forever!

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